A brief lists of projects and experiences


  • Singapore Air Traffic Control Radar
    (Approach and Long Range) maintenance operations
  • Head PABX maintenance operations (>50 sites)
  • Regional Communication Manager for Investment Banks with 4 major sites and several 5 satellite offices
  • Desktop Service Manager (>700 systems)
  • IT Infrastructure Country Manager of Investment Bank


Project Management

  • New ATC Systems tender specifications
  • Dealer Board replacement for 70 position trading room
  • Cheque Truncation System Service Bureau
  • RTGS System Implementation
  • Immediate Payment System Implementation
  • House of worship A&A


Design and Space Planning

  • Setting up Merchant Banking subsidiary office
  • New Bank Branch office in Jakarta
  • Dealing Room design review for a National Bank
  • IT and Infrastructure design and implementation for Trading Office HQ
  • Residential Penthouse